Hindi Ginti 1 To 100 1To50 Number Names In Hindi Ek Do Tin Char Panch Chhe Spelling In Hindi How To Write Counting In Hindi

In the field of mathematics, ginti or counting is the process by which a number of objects or people are identified, or the act of identifying a number of objects or people. Hindi Ginti can be done with either one’s own fingers or using other devices such as counters, tally sticks, tallyballs and tallycups. The word “counting” is also used to refer to the act of enumerating items in tabular form.

Hindi Ginti 1 To 100

Hindi Ginti 1 To 100

Hindi Ginti may be done manually (e.g., manually counting each person present at a meeting) or automatically (e.g., automatic electronic counter). Ginti may also refer to the numerical value of an item or quantity that is counted, such as the number of votes cast in an election. In its most basic sense, counting refers to identification: identifying how many items there are in a group. For example, when counting members at a meeting, there are two ways to count: One method would be to actually count each person present at the meeting; another method would be to use an electronic device such as a counter. A third way would be to use another method that involves some combination of both methods. For example, if using paper-and-pencil methods and an electronic device, one could count each headshot with the paper-and-pencil method and then check against the electronic device when finished.


1to50 Number Names In Hindi

One Ek
Two Do
Three Teen
Four Char
Five Paanch
Six Chah
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine Nau
Ten Das
Eleven Gyarah
Twelve Barah
Thirteen Terah
Fourteen Chaudah
Fifteen Pandrah
Sixteen Solah
Seventeen Satrah
Eighteen Atharah
Nineteen Unnees
Twenty Bees
Twenty One Ikkis
Twenty Two Baees
Twenty Three Teis
Twenty Four Chaubis
Twenty Five Pachchees
Twenty Six Chabbis
Twenty Seven Sattaees
Twenty Eight Atthaees
Twenty Nine Untees
Thirty Tees
Thirty One Iktees
Thirty Two Battees
Thirty Three Taitees
Thirty Four Chotees
Thirty Five Paitees
Thirty Six Chattees
Thirty Seven Saitees
Thirty Eight Adtees
Thirty Nine Untalees
Forty Chalees
Forty One Iktalees
Forty Two Byalees
Forty Three Tirtalees
Forty Four Chauvalees
Forty Five Paitalees
Forty Six Chaylees
Forty Seven Saitalees
Forty Eight Adtalees
Forty Nine Unchass
Fifty Pachaas
Fifty One Ikkyavan
Fifty Two Bawan
Fifty Three Tirpan
Fifty Four Chauvan
Fifty Five Pachpan
Fifty Six Chappan
Fifty Seven Sattavan
Fifty Eight Attavan
Fifty Nine Unsath
Sixty Saath
Sixty One Iksath
Sixty Two Basath
Sixty Three Tirsath
Sixty Four Chausath
Sixty Five Paisath
Sixty Six Chayasath
Sixty Seven Sadsath
Sixty Eight Adsath
Sixty Nine Unhattar
Seventy Sattar
Seventy One Ikhattar
Seventy Two Bhahattar
Seventy Three Tihattar
Seventy Four Chauhattar
Seventy Five Pichhattar
Seventy Six Chiyattar
Seventy Seven Satattar
Seventy Eight Adthhattar
Seventy Nine Unhasi
Eighty Assi
Eighty One Ikkyasi
Eighty Two Bayasi
Eighty Three Tirasi
Eighty Four Chorasi
Eighty Five Pichasi
Eighty Six Chayasi
Eighty Seven Sattasi
Eighty Eight Atthasi
Eighty Nine Navasi
Ninety Nabbe
Ninety One Ikyanve
Ninety Two Banve
Ninety Three Tiranve
Ninety Four Chornve
Ninety Five Pichyanve
Ninety Six Chiyanve
Ninety Seven Sattanve
Ninety Eight Atthanve
Ninety Nine Ninyanve
Hundred Sau

Counting is a fundamental skill that everyone must learn. It is important to have the ability to count both in Hindi and your native language, so that you can know how many objects are present in a room or how many items are left on a table. Counting can also be useful when learning to read. For example, if there are five apples on a table, it is much easier to count out five when you are learning to read than it is to try to discern the number by looking at only two apples.

Counting In Hindi: Number-based counting begins with one and the person or object being counted is referred to as ‘EK’. When counting in Hindi, all numbers after one need to be spoken with a full, distinct sound. For example: Ek, Do, Tin, Char, Panch, Chhe.

Ek Do Tin Spelling In Hindi

1 In Hindi एक
2 In Hindi दो
3 In Hindi तीन
4 In Hindi चार
5 In Hindi पांच
6 In Hindi छह
7 In Hindi सात
8 In Hindi आठ
9 In Hindi नौ
10 In Hindi १० दस
11 In Hindi ११ ग्यारह
12 In Hindi १२ बारह
13 In Hindi १३ तेरह
14 In Hindi १४ चोदह
15 In Hindi १५ पंद्रह
16 In Hindi १६ सोलह
17 In Hindi १७ सत्त्रह
18 In Hindi १८ अट्ठारह
19 In Hindi १९ उन्नीस
20 In Hindi २० बीस
21 In Hindi २१ इक्कीस
22 In Hindi २२ बाइस
23 In Hindi २३ तेईस
24 In Hindi २४ चौबीस
25 In Hindi २५ पच्चीस
26 In Hindi २६ छब्बीस
27 In Hindi २७ सत्ताइस
28 In Hindi २८ अट्ठाइस
29 In Hindi २९ उन्तीस
30 In Hindi ३० तीस
31 In Hindi ३१ इकतीस
32 In Hindi ३२ बत्तीस
33 In Hindi ३३ तैतीस
34 In Hindi ३४ चौतीस
35 In Hindi ३५ पैतीस
36 In Hindi ३६ छत्तीस
37 In Hindi ३७ सैतीस
38 In Hindi ३८ अड़तीस
39 In Hindi ३९ उन्तालीस
40 In Hindi ४० चालीस
41 In Hindi ४१ इकतालीस
42 In Hindi ४२ बयालीस
43 In Hindi ४३ तिरतालिस
44 In Hindi ४४ चौवालीस
45 In Hindi ४५ पैतालीस
46 In Hindi ४६ छयालीस
47 In Hindi ४७ सैतालिस
48 In Hindi ४८ अड़तालीस
49 In Hindi ४९ उनचास
50 In Hindi ५० पचास
51 In Hindi ५१ इक्क्यावन
52 In Hindi ५२ बावन
53 In Hindi ५३ तिरपन
54 In Hindi ५४ चौवन
55 In Hindi ५५ पचपन
56 In Hindi ५६ छप्पन
57 In Hindi ५७ सत्तावन
58 In Hindi ५८ अट्ठावन
59 In Hindi ५९ उनसठ
60 In Hindi ६० साठ
61 In Hindi ६१ इकसठ
62 In Hindi ६२ बासठ
63 In Hindi ६३ तिरसठ
64 In Hindi ६४ चौसठ
65 In Hindi ६५ पैंसठ
66 In Hindi ६६ छयासठ
67 In Hindi ६७ सड़सठ
68 In Hindi ६८ अड़सठ
69 In Hindi ६९ उनहत्तर
70 In Hindi ७० सत्तर
71 In Hindi ७१ इकहत्तर
72 In Hindi ७२ बहत्तर
73 In Hindi ७३ तिरहत्तर
74 In Hindi ७४ चौहत्तर
75 In Hindi ७५ पिचहत्तर
76 In Hindi ७६ छियत्तर
77 In Hindi ७७ सतत्तर
78 In Hindi ७८ अठहत्तर
79 In Hindi ७९ उन्हासी
80 In Hindi ८० अस्सी
81 In Hindi ८१ इक्यासी
82 In Hindi ८२ बयासी
83 In Hindi ८३ तिरासी
84 In Hindi ८४ चौरासी
85 In Hindi ८५ पिचासी
86 In Hindi ८६ छयासी
87 In Hindi ८७ सत्तासी
88 In Hindi ८८ अट्ठासी
89 In Hindi ८९ नवासी
90 In Hindi ९० नब्बे
91 In Hindi ९१ इक्यानवे
92 In Hindi ९२ बानवे
93 In Hindi ९३ तिरानवे
94 In Hindi ९४ चौरानवे
95 In Hindi ९५ पिच्यानवे
96 In Hindi ९६ छियानवे
97 In Hindi ९७ सत्तानवे
98 In Hindi ९८ अट्ठानवे
99 In Hindi ९९ निन्यानवे
100 In Hindi १०० सौ


Very few students wish to study English or are taught English in Indian schools and colleges. Parents and guardians, in general, prefer to teach their children using English. Hindi is not the dominant language spoken in India, although children are often taught in Hindi. It is crucial to learn Hindi numbers because there are many people who cannot count in Hindi. This can lead to problems for the person.

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