CCVIS Evalidity Caste Validity Certificate Documents In Marathi Online Application Form Jat Padtalani

Before CCVIS Evalidity, there’s something you need to know about a validity certificate that verifies the cast a person belongs to. India is a diverse country and caste hierarchy has been an innate system in the country. So as a citizen of India you are expected to have a proof of caste validity certificate in order to live in the country.

CCVIS Evalidity Caste Certificate Form Online


Evalidity Documents

The certificate is primarily a document that proves and identifies that an individual belongs to a certain caste. It acts more like your identification card that is required for every individual living in the state. With this caste validity certificate, the government of the state offers a plethora of benefits and offers for the particular individual that will help him or her in regards to their education or job etc. A caste validity certificate is more concerned with states like Maharashtra, where the government verifies the individual’s caste and offers them scholarships that can be a huge help for them. It is purely driven to look out for the citizens of the state and their welfare. And today with the help of technology, an individual can verify their caste and gain their certificate through the government’s online website. The website is easier and more convenient where you don’t have to go and wait in their office for hours, rather stay back and get your work done. Moreover , the website also avails different caste certificates that a person can choose according to where he belongs and verify it.

Caste Validity Certificate Documents In Marathi

The online caste validity verification system, acts as a proof of verification and goes beyond where the certificate can help an individual avail scholarships for a secured future.

The government came into action for Caste Certificate Verification Information System (CCVIS) as an online platform. This web based application was provided for citizens to get tehri caste validity certificate for purposes like – education, election and others. In addition, the government also came up with various schemes that will benefit people from different castes, based on their necessities.

The need for a caste validity certificate

It primarily varies with each and every individual according to their needs but generally they can be needed for:

  • It helps citizens by providing a reservation for any government job and fastens their application process
  • Students that come from the SC/ST background can get their caste validity certificate for applying to schools and universities. This can help students avail scholarships and get admitted into the institutions immediately.
  • Finally, the caste validity certificate also helps citizens avail welfare schemes offered by the government and NGOs.

In simple terms, it can be said that having a caste verification certificate or an E validity will make a person’s life a lot easier and convenient for their living and education.


CCVIS Home Online Application Form

The procedure to apply for E validity

  • Go to the CCVIS website provided –
  • First, applicants have to register on the portal.
  • Fill in the details for Caste Validity Certificate Online.
  • Make sure to upload all the necessary e copies of all original documents that have been asked on the website.
  • Also remember to take a printout of the application that you submitted online and prepare the document with all the important and necessary files.
  • Submit the hard copy to the Respective District Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee for verification
  • With all the verification done on the government’s side, if they find your application valid, you will receive an email that you provided to the government with the E validity Certificate attached. You can then download and have your copy safely.
  • Whereas, if the government has any trouble verifying then you will be notified via email and SMS ( to the number you provided to them ) and you can track your application on the website online and get the work done.

Caste Certificate Form Jat Padtalni

Applicant Select the purpose of caste verification. Choose the purpose for which you want to fill out the caste validity form. If you work in education, select education; otherwise, select employee. The applicant has to fill in all these details in order to submit the online application form for caste certification.

  • Applicant’s Name, Middle Name And Last Name
  • Marital Status
  • Applicant Name As Per Caste Certificate
  • Adhar Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Birth Place
  • Category Applied
  • Caste Applied (Sub Caste)
  • Caste Certificate Number
  • Caste Certificate Issuing Date, District, Designation Of Certificate Issuing Authority
  • Which documents did you submit to get caste certificate
  • Address
  • Educational Details
  • Family Details
  • Family Migration Details
  • Family Caste Details


CCVIS Caste Validity Certificate Status Online

The process of determining the validity of the caste certificate was initiated so that people of any caste or religion would not be able to take unfair advantage of reservation. Cast Validity Certificate This is a certificate that has no expiration date, so it can be used as long as the applicant is alive. You can reach out to these websites to get your E validity in caste certificate.

CCVIS Home (New Application) CLICK HERE
Track Your Application CLICK HERE
https barti maharastra gov in CLICK HERE
Verify Validity Certificate CLICK HERE
Evalidity Etribe Validity CLICK HERE
Evalidity Etribe Verify Certificate CLICK HERE

E validity is a necessary proof of verification that is needed for every individual in the state, henceforth, waste no time and login onto the CCVIS website provided above and get your E validity.

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