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Tamil is the language spoken by the Tamil people of Southern India. Tamil is one of the Dravidian languages, and it is one of the oldest languages in South Asia. Tamil has a long literary tradition and is spoken by over 70 million people across India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Tamil is written using the Tamil script, which was invented around 500 BC. Today, Tamil is written with script called Vatteluttu. The Tamil script has 12 vowels, 18 consonants, and one special character.

Tamil Eluthukkal Chart

Tamil Eluthukkal Motham Ethanai ?

Tamil Uyir Eluthukkal = 12 | Tamil Mei Eluthukkal = 18 | Unique Character = 1

(12 + 18 + 1 + (12 x 18)) There are a total of 247 alphabets in Tamil Language.

Tamil Uyir Eluthukkal

There are 12 main Uyir Eluthukkal In Tamil, which are produced by using different mouth shapes. Each vowel has a long and a short sound. The long sound is twice as long as the short sound. For example, the long sound of அ is ஆ.

Uyir Eluthukkal In Tamil Tamil Uyir Eluthukkal In English Tamil Uyir Eluthukkal In Hindi
ai ऐै
au ओह


Tamil Mei Eluthukkal

There are 18 Mei Eluthukkal In Tamil language, and we use them to make all sorts of different sounds. Each letter has a different way of being pronounced, and when we put them all together, we can make all kinds of words. Consonants are made when we use our vocal cords to make a sound.

Mei Eluthukkal In Tamil

Tamil has a long history in South India. It first became a written language around 200 BC during the Anuradhapura period. By 300 AD, it had become one of the official languages of India and Sri Lanka. The first complete English-Tamil dictionary was published in 1805 by William Marsden. Over time, English replaced Sanskrit as the main language used for writing texts.


Tamil Eluthukkal 247

Consonants are shown in the first column. Vowels are shown in the first row. A combination of both consonants and vowels is shown in the table. For example, a combination of ட் (it) and ஈ (ee) will result in டீ (tee).

க் கா கி கீ கு கூ கெ கே கை கொ கோ கௌ
ங் ஙா ஙி ஙீ ஙு ஙூ ஙெ ஙே ஙை ஙொ ஙோ ஙௌ
ச் சா சி சீ சு சூ செ சே சை சொ சோ சௌ
ஞ் ஞா ஞி ஞீ ஞு ஞூ ஞெ ஞே ஞை ஞொ ஞோ ஞௌ
ட் டா டி டீ டு டூ டெ டே டை டொ டோ டௌ
ண் ணா ணி ணீ ணு ணூ ணெ ணே ணை ணொ ணோ ணௌ
த் தா தி தீ து தூ தெ தே தை தொ தோ தௌ
ந் நா நி நீ நு நூ நெ நே நை நொ நோ நௌ
ப் பா பி பீ பு பூ பெ பே பை பொ போ பௌ
ம் மா மி மீ மு மூ மெ மே மை மொ மோ மௌ
ய் யா யி யீ யு யூ யெ யே யை யொ யோ யௌ
ர் ரா ரி ரீ ரு ரூ ரெ ரே ரை ரொ ரோ ரௌ
ல் லா லி லீ லு லூ லெ லே லை லொ லோ லௌ
வ் வா வி வீ வு வூ வெ வே வை வொ வோ வௌ
ழ் ழா ழி ழீ ழு ழூ ழெ ழே ழை ழொ ழோ ழௌ
ள் ளா ளி ளீ ளு ளூ ளெ ளே ளை ளொ ளோ ளௌ
ற் றா றி றீ று றூ றெ றே றை றொ றோ றௌ
ன் னா னி னீ னு னூ னெ னே னை னொ னோ னௌ

There are several dialects of Tamil. The most common dialects are Central Tamizh (also known as “Malayalam”) and Northern Tamizh (also known as “Kannada”). There are also more than 100 different varieties of Tamil in Sri Lanka alone. For example, there are several languages spoken in the northern parts of Sri Lanka that are closely related to each other but are considered separate languages by linguists because they have developed independently from each other over time.

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