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How To Schedule Your Last Minute Revision Of GATE EE Exam?

Are you contemplating the easy-to-score topics in the GATE EE exam? You are at the right place indeed. We would like to mention that Engineering mathematics is regarded as one of the high score topics. Talking about the weightage for Engineering mathematics in an exam, it is 30 marks. It is regarded as one of the simple and easy scoring topics. The significant topics which you require to pay attention to a lot are complex valuables, matrices, and calculus of different types of elation. The next on the list is all about General Aptitude. Talking about the weightage for this section, it carries 15 marks in this field. It is called one of the easy and simple competitors.

GATE EE Syllabus

GATE EE Syllabus

Engineering is regarded as one of the most respected fields. It does not only bring status to you but a good salary package as well. Most of you might have done with your preparation while some probably have not started yet. The fact cannot be ignored that a sensible revision is important so that you could score more than 70 in the exam.  Apart from the GATE EE Syllabus preparation, you also need to have a last-minute revision plan indeed.

Do you want to get a 70+ score in this exam? Here, we are going to mention the significant topics indeed. Let us know what are those significant topics supposed to come in this exam.

GATE EE Revision Tips

In this section, we are going to mention the most important topics, which can come into the GATE EE exam. It would be better if you go with a set priority to have an excellent strategy to revise.

  • Priority 01 – You may set your priority. Therefore, you may start with the two most important topics called Electric circuits and control systems. You should prepare the questions, which are easy and difficult for you. Once you are done with the easiest ones then you should go with the trickiest ones. Apart from it, do not forget to keep constant revision to understand the basics. The most important thing is that these topics are interrelated. It would be better if you revise them first.
  • Priority 02 – The next priority you can set on number 2 is going with Electrical machines and control systems. These both topics can go with each other. Since these topics go with each other, you will be able to build up a better understanding.  You may emphasize them side by side.
  • Priority 03 – The next on the list is Analog electronics, digital electronics, signal, and systems. Since these topics are well interrelated with each other, it would be easy to understand them in a better way. You should revise in that order. Moreover, it helps to learn faster when you go with topics that complement each other. You develop a good understanding indeed.
  • Priority 04 – You may put power electronics on priority number 4. Once you understand the concept of power electronics, it will help you to learn more about it. You may also consider school textbooks to understand this topic in a better way. All your basics will get cleared indeed and confusions will go away. That’s why it’s regarded as important to go slow but being constant indeed. Move on to the next topic once it is done.
  • Priority 05 – Electromagnetic Theory and Microprocessor should be added on the priority number 5th. The reason to put them on the fifth number is that they hold less weightage. Therefore, it would be better to put in the last to revise.

Once you revise all these mentioned topics, then you need to make a list of the significant points going through each chapter indeed. The important thing is that it will help you to get back to them before the exam. It is quite important to go with practice samples and mock tests every single day so that things will be memorized in your head indeed.

This is how you can do the last-minute preparation. Make sure that you do not lose your confidence and self-discipline. To do better preparation, you need to go with the schedule so that nothing would be missed. It would not be wrong if you go slow but you need to revise regularly. We hope that the shared priority-oriented table probably has helped to understand things in a better way.

Final Thought –

We are here wishing you good luck with your exam. We hope you get desired marks in your exam. Do not let any stone unturned to get the best results indeed.

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