UPTU B.Tech All Previous Year Question Papers

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As UPTU Even Semester Exams are coming near, students are getting very stressed taking their exams.As you all know that the Even Semester of UPTU Is Very Short As Comparative To Odd Semester.So today we are providing you whole bunch of Previous Year Exam Papers For All Years And Semesters to kill your stress.

UPTU B.Tech All Years All Semesters Question Papers
Do Not Disturb.Its Exam Time.

We do not take any guarantee for pass/fail of any student but one thing we assure you that if you solve these papers definitely you score higher in your UPTU B.Tech Exams.
All these papers uplaoded here are taken from Raj Kumar Goel Institute Of Technology’s website.

UPTU B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers For 1st Year (Both 1st Sem And 2nd Sem)

B.Tech 1st Sem. 2013-14
B.Tech 2nd Sem. 2012-13

UPTU B.Tech Previous Year Question Papers For 2nd Year (Both 3rd And 4th Sem)

B.Tech 3rd Sem. 2013-14
B.Tech 3rd Sem. CE 2011-12
B.Tech 4th Sem. 2012-13

UPTU B.Tech Exam Papers For 3rd Year (Both 5th And 6th Sem)

B.Tech 5th Sem. 2013-14
B.Tech 6th Sem. 2012-13

UPTU B.Tech Papers For 4th Year (Both 7th And 8th Sem)

B.Tech 7th Sem. 2013-14
B.Tech 8th sem. 2011-12

All these Previous Exam Papers were taken from RKGIT’s website. If you have any complaint regarding downloading or checking of UPTU B-Tech Previous Years Sample Papers then please leave your comment in the comment section below.

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